Join us for Sticks Song Collection this Winter!

Your children will love playing follow-the-leader during "Follow me Down to Carlow," counting the stars while rocking in your arms during "Great Big Stars," and thinking up favorite treats from Grandma for "Trot to Grandmas's House." In addtion to your 9+ weekly classes, tuition includes a new songbook with beautiful color illustrations for each song, online access to the music and bonus activities, and a newsletter full of resources an music-making ideas.  

New families receive Growing and Learning with Music Together®- a musical development chart, and the booklet, Making Music with Your Child.      


January 10 - March 17

Tuition is $160, Siblings 10 months+ is $100, 9 months+younger FREE.  Enrollment opens December 1.   Early Bird Registration saves 1.5%  through December 14.  Code: Weasel.  ENROLL beginning December 1.

Mixed Ages

0-4+ years old

 Mixed Ages is the essential Music Together class. 

  • 9 classes/2 makeups over 10 weeks
  • New audio recording and illustrated songbook of each term's music collection. collection,  including 24 songs.
  • Online resources on the Family Music Zone.
  • Family music making guide, for infants or toddlers-preschoolers.
  • Music Develoment Chart
  • & More
Mixed Ages - Summer
Like Mixed Ages in Fall/Winter/Spring,Summer term is still the essential Music Together class. The difference is Summer's  term is shorter -
  • 6 classes taught over 3 weeks, with a 20-song "best of" collection culled from the 9 Fall/Winter/Spring Collections.