Spring 2019


Join us for the Tambourine Song Collection this Spring!
April 5 - June 8 on Friday and Saturday mornings

You'll learn twenty-five Music Together® songs and activities you can recreate at home. Your children will experience the contrast between galloping, slowing, sleeping, then jumping up with delight to gallop again in “See the Pony Galloping.” The whole class will treasure the opportunity to see one of the daddies’ best monkey impressions during “One Little Owl”. In addition to your weekly classes of 9 weeks (inc.2 makeups),  your tuition includes materials for you to use at home and a family newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas.

Tuition is $160.  Siblings 9 months and younger are free, Older sibings $95.  













Show classes for:
Mixed Ages

This is the essential Music Together class, one that a child can attend from birth through age five—and through all nine song collections. This basic class follows the recommendations of child development researchers, grouping children of a variety of ages in one class. This approach fosters natural, family-style learning where younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones; and adults are happy because the children in the family can go to class together.

Each child participates at his or her own developmental level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, observing, or exploring musical instruments. We welcome the whole family to join in this important family music experience, and any caregiver—parents, grandparents, nanny—can bring the child(ren) to class.

Each semester includes:

  • 9 weekly 45-minute classes teaching a new song collection every fall, winter and spring. 
  • New CD and Songbook of the current collection (9 in all!), including 25 songs, illustrations, guitar chords/chart, and family activities.
  • A Singalong Storybook of a featured song in the collection.
  • Parent education resources and online resources.

To see a mixed age class in action, check out this wonderful video at musictogether.com



At what age should I start class with my baby?    Now!  Babies learn music the way they learn language; by being immersed in it.   Just as it is never too early to start talking to your baby, it is never too early to start singin with your baby.

Our Lullaby class provides new-ish moms and moms-to-be to gather and "sing, dance, play, and learn" musically with their 0-7 month infant. 


Each semester includes:

  • 3 weekly 1 hour classes
  • A gift card of music.  This gift card has a special access code and instructions for how to download all 18 lullabies from the award-winning Music TogetherLullabies album. The gift card comes in an envelope with a 24-page booklet with lyrics and activities for families to try at home with little ones. And the gift card download code is compatible with the Music Together App! 
Holiday Sing & Dance

In December we  gather to celebrate the wonderful music of the holidays.  The event is formatted like a Mixed Ages class.