Access Your Music Together®® Songs

 Music Together Family Music Zone®               

The Family Music Zone (FMZ) is an online resource to enrich your Music Collection's music-making experience.  Here are it's features:

  • Download the current collection's music library (or any past collections you've taken).  
  • View a digital copy of your songbook (with printed music for each song).  
  • Enjoy new activities to try at home.
  • Learn more about your child's musical growth.

The online Family Music Zone is found on the Music Together Worldwide website.  If this is your first visit to the website, create a new account.  To access the FMZ enter the code printed inside the front cover of your Songbook where indicated

Hello Everybody App: Sing and dance where ever you are ~    

  • Stream or download all of your Music Together songs
  • Show/Hide onscreen lyrics
  • Turn vocals ^ or v or off for a completely instrumental track.
  • Flip through the award-winning Hello Everybody! singalong storybook.
  • Log into your Family Music Zone® to get your songs onto the app.
  • Create your own playllist
  • Let's Play: see the activities from the Family Music Zone

Download the Hello Everybody App from the App Store or Google Play today.