Lullaby Class


At what age should I start class with my baby?    Now!  Babies learn music the way they learn language; by being immersed in it.   Just as it is never too early to start talking to your baby, it is never too early to start singing with your baby.

Our Lullaby class provides new-ish moms and moms-to-be to gather and "sing, dance, play, and learn" musically with their 0-9 month infant. 


The $10 fee includes a 1 hour class, a gift card of music ($10) value, and an egg shaker.

This gift card has a special access code and instructions for how to download all 18 lullabies from the award-winning Music Together® Lullabies album. The gift card comes in an envelope with a 24-page booklet with lyrics and activities for families to try at home with little ones. And the gift card download code is compatible with the Music Together App!       Enroll today!


Contact Sally if the Friday afternoon time doesn't work for you.  We can open another class time.