How to get the most from your classes :-)


From the Hello Song to the Goodbye song, we immerse ourselves in musical play ~ chanting, singing, moving, and more.  What does this mean? We keep this time free of phones, food, toys and *chatting.  

Be ready to get silly!  We expect every adult that attends to participte.  Why? You are an excellent model for your child regardless of your musical ability.  If you are enthusiastic and show your appreciation for music, your child will feel free to experience music to its fullest.  

 Please remember that our classes are non-performance oriented. That means that we do not expect children to memorize and recite songs for us - that is simply not developmentally appropriate! What children ages 0-5 will do in class varies greatly!  They may move constantly, sit and observe, taste the instruments, try mimicking sounds and rhythms, or wait to make noise until they are in the car driving home!  Despite the variety of reactions in  class they are all processing musical information that with time and experience will emerge as music competency.  Please do not attempt to activate a child's movement for him by clapping his hands, for example.  ~

*Between the songs is sometimes the most exciting part of class as your child may audiate (imagine the sounds in their mind) or mimic the lasat tones or rhythms!  If you talk, you ay just miss those precious musical moments!

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME  - Plan to arrive 5-10  minutes before class is scheduled to begin.  This gives you and your child time to settle in, say hello to friends, enjoy some music and be ready to sing the Hello Song.  This is very important!  Arriving late is disruptive to all and makes the transition to music class difficult for your child.

BRINGING THE HARMONY HOME®    Enjoy the audio recording and songbook throughout the week supports you and your child's musical experience in class.  Visit the Family Music Zone to download the music to your computer and App.  You'll find other enriching resources as well.

MONITOR YOUR CHILDREN FOR THEIR SAFETY AND FOR THE SAFETY OF OTHERS -  Children are certainly encourage to move in class!  We will jump, spin, wiggle, boogie and more in teacher-led whole group activities.  For safety reasons we have a No Running policy.  Teachers may assist and redirect children, but parents/grownups are strictlyresponsible for their own child's safety.

KEEPING THE GERMS DOWN!  Hand sanitizer is available for you, both coming and leaving class.  We take time to sanitize the room, instruments and materials after each class.  We set aside and clean more thoroughly those items that have been mouthed by babies and toddlers.  

Of course, you can't keep your child home with every runny nose.  If the mucus is clear, s/he may come to class.  A child who has been ill should be vomit- and fever-free without Tylenol for 24 hours before returning to class  You know your child, if s/he appears ill please keep him home for the benefit of all. If you do need to miss a class, do 2 things:

GUEST POLICY - Grandparents and Spouses are always welcome, space permitting (2 adults maximum on Saturdays).  Siblings are welcome to visit twice per term; subsequent classes have a $10 fee.  Siblings older than 5 years need to understand the responsibility of participating and setting a good example for their younger peers.  

INCLEMENT WEATHER - I will notify you by text/email if a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or teacher illness.  Allegro Music Together follows the Hillsboro School District closures.